Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Running Around a Ring: Dog Shows & Running

Hey guys its been awhile since I've posted, that's my bad! But I have something really interesting I wanted to share with you all!

This past weekend I was in Louisville, KY participating in an American Kennel Club (AKC) dog show! I might add that it was a fantastic weekend for me!!! But I wanted to let you guys know that I got two days worth of running in by participating in this dog show!

You might be wondering what the heck I am talking about!? Well I show Dalmatians. And Dalmatians move fairly fast, especially mine. So when I'm showing I have to run/jog around the ring to showcase their movement.

At the end of the day this ends up being a great little workout for me! I'm almost always sweating and I usually feel it in my legs, especially by the end of the weekend.

Now its your turn!! 
What kind of hobbies or activities do you do where you are able to get in a little run/workout?

Here's some pictures of me showing this past weekend and a couple of the times when I had to run/jog around the ring.

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