Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Day for a Run Don't You Think!?

Hope you all are enjoying the weather today!

It was such a beautiful day outside that I decided to take a little jog out in this glorious sunshine! Nothing too strenuous just took it all in stride. It felt great!

It's days like these when I would think runners are happiest :)

What's been your best run??


  1. Today definitely was another gorgeous day. Perfect for exercising outdoors. I don't run, yet, but I plan to work up to it. Right now, I'm walking about an 18-minute mile on my good days and working on increasing distance.

  2. I love when the weather is nice, it's so much easier to be active! Walking is still a great way to give your body exercise! I've made a habit of not riding the bus around campus, but instead walk to my destination as well as taking the stairs. Even tho you may not work up a sweat necessarily you are still exercising your body throughout your day! Keep up the good work Nancy! :)