Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Like the Idea, Hate the Verb: Do You?

Back from spring break in Florida! I miss it already! But it's back to reality for me!

So I've come to realize after about 3 days of running, that I really don't like running at all. I think I like the idea of running more than I like the actual action of running. It's proving to take more effort and a more disciplined mindset to form a running habit.

I can easily see that my hinders or road blocks are the fact that my mind is not disciplined enough to be motivated to form a running habit as well as the fact that I HATE running! As I have grown up it is hard to remember how I really felt about running when I was a kid, but I'm starting to remember they I really never liked running but I did however like the idea of being a runner.

So why do I hate running? I'm not completely sure to be quite honest. Running is a great way to work your entire body in order to be healthier in general. I still can't bring myself to like running. Does anyone else out there hate running too, but likes the idea of running or wishes they could be a runner?

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